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Here's What Just Some Of Our Clients Have To Say About Us...

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'After just 8 weeks of Training with Tom I can definitely feel the difference. I really feel the benefits in my Training Sessions, and I would not get the same results on my own'


Nick - Bodybuilding

Incredible Personal Training Transformation for Ian Gilder, Sawbridgeworth, near Harlow

'I didn't realize how badly I had let myself go. For me this has been a lifestyle change. I think it is safe to say that there are some minor differences!' 


Ian - Weight Loss & Asthetics


'A year ago these were a snug fit. I feel good in myself, I didn't wave a magic wand, and I haven't followed a massively strict diet. Roll on slipping into my wedding dress!' 


Stacey - Wedding Preparation

'I can unreservedly say that I have exceeded my goals, Losing close to 5 stone and 10 inches off my waist in under 4 months was far better than I could have imagined possible when starting at a point where I could hardly run 100 meters. Now being able to cover 5 miles at a decent pace is all I could have asked for.'


Jon - Weight Loss & General Fitness

'I have trained for a number of years but in the six months I have been training with Dan I have achieved my goals faster than before! The sessions are varied so you never have the same workout twice.

He will expect you to work hard, but you get plenty of support and banter in between!' 


Julia - Fitness & Toning

'A huge thank you to both Tom and Dan for their support, encouragement and most of all their expertise in helping me regain my fitness. The training sessions are continually adapted to stretch me or reflect my increased fitness ability. Once again, thank you both for your professionalism and support.


Poppy - Fitness & Toning

Personal Training - Harlow - Sawbridgeworth - Bishops Stortford - Gym - Fitness - Health - Personal Trainer - Fit - Much Hadham - Stansted - Takeley - Gym - Online - Coach
Personal Training Session, based in Sawbridgeworth, near Harlow | Bishops Stortford | Much Hadham | Stansted | Dunmow | Gym

'Been using Tom for 18 months now which given my previous motivation for the Gym speaks volumes to his ability as a Trainer

Ryan - Weight Loss & General Fitness

Tom & Dan are amazing! I have so much fun in the hour of pain I get twice a week!! I feel so much more energized and actually look forward to working out now!!

Lisa - Weight Loss & General Fitness

'Tom is very professional and very reliable. He's very knowledgeable and keeps records of everything to do with your road towards better health and weight loss..Skilled personal trainer with a good attitude towards life'

Antonio - Fitness & Strength

'I've only been training with Tom for 4 weeks, but have already started to develop tone and bodyshape, and have lost over half a stone!'

Matt - Weight Loss

Dan knows how much I don't like the gym but he still motivates me to turn up every week. A blend of small challenges and encouragement has helped me achieve my goals and for the first time I have made long term sustainable change to my fitness and overall health and well being.

Mary - Fitness

& Weight Loss

'I initially looked into PT sessions as I was very nervous about going to the gym and was looking for some guidance. I have been training with Tom for around 3 months now and I cannot thank him enough. He has helped build my confidence and understanding in the gym. He is always so positive and each session is different and I already feel so much stronger. Would highly recommend.'

Mikayla - Strength & Confidence

'Been with Tom for about 4 months now. Before I started I was in pain every day with back problems and could barely walk on some days. Tom recognized my problems straight away and tailored a programme to my needs. Tom has been the best money I have spent on anything over the last couple of years and I couldn't recommend him enough and he's a really nice guy. 4 Months now and my back is stronger than ever, highly recommended.'

Colin - Lower Back Pain & Rehabilitation

'I had been given a frightening diagnosis in my lower spine, and I was not your typical 'Gym Person'. He’s  managed to get me almost pain free with no surgery at all. I’d highly recommend anyone who suffers with back or associated pain to try to use this method first.'


Jules - Lower Back Pain

& Rehabiliation

Jules & Colin
Personal | Trainer | Harlow | Training | Fitness | Gym | Health | Weight Loss | Sawbridgeworth | Essex | Bishops Stortford | Hertfordshire | Online | Best | Much Hadham | Stansted
Personal Trainer | Sawbridgeworth | Gym | Weight Loss | Toning | Goals | Exercise | Bishops Stortford | Training | Harlow | PT | Ladies Fitness | Weight Training | Coach | Online | Takeley | Stansted | Much Hadham

'I have been training with Tom for the past 2 years, only stopped as I'm going travelling as I would still be training with him.Since being with Tom I have learned so much about how my body and muscles work, and have borrowed all of his knowledge to be able to use on my own.I've always loved going to the gym but having a personal trainer makes a session a bit more fun and I find I push myself a little bit more when I train with Tom. Not only does he offer Personal Training and Dietary Advice, he does a few client trips each year which are always fun and give you something to work for.I would highly recommend Tom if you want to change your lifestyle and have fun while getting in shape.

Fay - Fitness & Strength

Since I started training with Tom Richards Personal Training, I have caught the fitness bug which I didn't believe was possible after years of trying to get fit. The sessions are motivating, enjoyable and there hasn't been a time since I started where I haven't looked forward to the next one. They have shown me that I can achieve more than I imagined and have helped me achieve targets I never believed I could. I have gained in confidence and would recommend these guys every time.

Pailin - Weight Loss & Fitness

'In the time that I have been trained by both Tom and Dan, I have always felt positively challenged and personally supported. They have been sensitive to, and understanding of, my complex personal circumstances and have still made me feel motivated to work hard. Even in the breaks I have had to take in my training, Tom has kept in touch, and checked up on how I'm doing. I like to work hard when I train and I have made steady, positive progress every time. I really can't recommend them enough really. If you're looking for committed, personable, motivating trainers to help achieve your goals, whatever they are, I'd definitely recommend these guys'

Jeanne - Fitness

& Weight Loss

Ever since beginning training with Dan, I have become a completely different person. Not only have I changed physically, but it's given me a huge confidence boost. I never thought I'd enjoy going to a gym, but the both of them make it an enjoyable place to be. It's challenging, and so rewarding when you beat personal bests. Never in my life would I have thought I'd look forward to lifting weights, but I do every week! I very much look forward to carrying this on.'

Jo - Weight Loss

& Fitness

Tom and Dan are fantastic trainers - motivating with a really positive approach (no scary shouting unless you want it!) as well as being friendly and welcoming - no session has been quite the same but always with the aim to improve or push your fitness in an achievable way - They don't let you get away with much and work you hard but are always the first to highlight an improvement or positive change! My fitness has improved++ since starting with them - would recommend them every time'

Sophie - Weight Loss & Fitness

I have been working with Alex for around a month now, with the main goal being to get fitter and lose weight. When we contacted Tom originally, our enquiry was dealt with very promptly, politely, and straight away both my husband and I felt at ease. Alex is encouraging without being patronising, and is so friendly as well as personable. Sessions are varied, and I feel like I am being pushed without being pushed too far. Although initially both of us thought it would be a shorter term thing to give us a push, we are both planning on carrying on with our sessions as we feel we are getting a lot out of them.

Emma - Fitness

& Weight Loss

I have recommended 2 people to Tom's Business, one being my boyfriend who is a nervous 'gym goer' and has had a bad experience with trainers in the past. He has used trainers that focus on getting through the session rather than teaching a proper technique. As someone that has never exercised before and is very conscious and apprehensive of being trained, he has thoroughly enjoyed Tom's technique and has signed up to 10 sessions. I would definitely recommend Tom & Dan, even if it's just to meet them for a consultation, you can get a feel for how they train and how they will work best for you. 

Tracey - Fitness

'I've really enjoyed the Sessions so far - Tom is Friendly but Professional and pursues my Goals with Clear Plans and Instructions. He is encouraging at all times and I always feel challenged yet accomplished. I am fitter than I expected to be by now and can feel the progress that I've made. I will continue to have Sessions with Tom on a permanent basis as part of my Fitness Routine, as it's the perfect way to integrate a busy lifestyle with keeping fit.'

Nikki - Fitness

& Toning

Personal Training needn't be in the Gym. Check out Tracey on a rockface in Norway, putting her fitness gained in Personal Training Sessions, into practice! Sawbridgeworth, Harlow | Gym | Weight Loss | Online | Best | Stansted | Much Hadham


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