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Here's What We Can Offer In Addition To Our Bespoke Personal Training

.. And Yes, It's All Included!

Personal Training Consultation In Sawbridgeworth Near Harlow | Gym | Health | Exercise | Fitness

Free Initial Consultation

Our first chance to meet and greet you. Here we'll get to discuss all about you, your background, and your goals in detail. Your Consultation will include the opportunity for a variety of Health Checks, detailed below. We'll also get the necessary paperwork done here too.

State OF The Art Fitness Assessment, part of our Personal Training in Harlow & Sawbridgeworth | Bishops Stortford | Gym | Fitness | Health

Bodystat 1500 Body Composition Analysis

A state of the art machine that we simply couldn't be so effective without. Accurately detailing what your body is made of (Lean / Fat / Water), this facility provides essential information allowing us to monitor the changes that occur in your body as a result of your training and nutrition. This is the most accurate method of Body Composition Analysis outside of a sports science lab!

Blood Pressure Assessments as part of our Personal Training Sawbridgeworth Harlow | Gym | Fitness | Health

Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Assessments

We'll carry out a quick and simple Blood Pressure & Ambient Heart Rate Assessment, just to check that we don't need a Doctors consent for you to take part in Physical Activity. We can also deliver Pulse Pressure and Mean Arterial Pressure calculations for you too. These can be retested as often as necessary. 

Weight Loss Measurements as part of our Personal Training Harlow Sawbridgeworth | Gym | Fitness | Health

Circumferential Body Measurements

Arguably one of the best methods of tracking progress for size and fat loss - the measuring tape. This can be done in private, and provides essential information regarding size changes. Hips, Waist, Glutes, Arms, and Legs can all be measured, to give us a full picture of your body in numbers. 

Nutritional Analysis is vitally important for going hand in hand with our Personal Training, Harlow Sawbridgeworth | Gym | Health

Advanced Nutritional Analysis & Guidance

Exercise and Nutrition go hand in hand; and you can't out-exercise a bad diet! We'll give you a full analysis of your current diet, and suggest changes and alternatives in order to achieve maximum results. 

Lung Efficiency & Spirometry as part of our Personal Training in Harlow Sawbridgeworth | Gym | Health | Fitness

Lung Strength & Efficiency Assessments

Another state of the art test, and very important information for those where increases in 'fitness' levels are concerned. Track improvements of your lung strength, capacities, and efficiency over time, and monitor this element of your cardiovascular health in great detail. We can also look for early warning signs of potential lung diseases - so a great all in one health check for your lungs.

Personal Training Covering

Harlow - Sawbridgeworth - Bishops Stortford

 Hatfield Heath - The Matchings - The Lavers 

And All Surrounding Areas

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