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February 2017

Good Afternoon Blog Readers!

After a busy kick start to 2017, this is my first opportunity to sit down and really bring you guys any updates. So what's new in 2017 for us? Well, some big changes look like they are looming for us! There's talk of a brand new facility being built, subject to planning, which is likely to be approved. The beauty of it? Once planning is agreed, these steel frame structures won't take long to build! Once confirmed, we should then have access to our own private members lounge; if you're early for a session, feel free to sit yourself down in some peace and quiet, and grab yourself a coffee. We're also aiming to have a quiet area to the gym, again private for our members, in which we can perform more quiet and controlled sessions, such as our lower back rehabilitation programs, targeting core strength, stability, and flexibility. This could also be used as a space for circuits and other body weight based exercises, again, all private for our members. I'll keep you posted as and when any new developments with this happen, but keep an eye out. We'll be staying in Sawbridgeworth, near Harlow, for our Personal Training as the site won't be moving!

We have several fitness trips and events also coming up in 2017; Scotland hiking, Nuclear Races, and the UK 3 Peaks but to name a few! Check out the finer details on our Trips and Events Page.

In April, we've got a client running the London Marathon for the first time too; so make sure down at the event somewhere, to support all those running for their individual charities!

We'll check back in with you again soon, but for now, remember to keep checking back on our page here if you want to stay involved and up to date with a top class Personal Training service in the Sawbridgeworth / Harlow area!

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