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Client's Snowdonia Fitness Trip, 2019

As part of our Services, we love nothing more than arranging fitness trips throughout the summer for our customers to get involved with, and put their new found health and fitness into practice! This time, it was off to Snowdonia, in North Wales. The name of the game was simple; Hike Snowdon - whatever the weather, on day 1; and then enjoy ourselves with a short walk in Betsw-y-coed on Day 2, followed by an afternoon of whitewater rafting!

(Having never experienced whitewater rafting before, I myself was particularly keen to try my hand at this too!). The weekend was filled with good hikes, good food, good views (when we weren't above the clouds!), and great company. With such a mixture of fitness related activities crammed into the weekend, it's hard to imagine that we had time to sit down; but we still managed to squeeze a group curry in on the final night! We are firm believers that fitness is not always about how fast you can run, or how much weight you can lift; it's about balance. There are times to work hard, and there are also times to thoroughly enjoy yourself and let the ropes go!

Next Year.. It looks like we're off to Norway to revisit Trolltunga! Fancy joining us? Get involved in our PT Services and you'll be welcome to come and join our group events!

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