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Gym Reopening Information - July 2020

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are well, & I trust that you're all moving back towards some normality now.

This I am afraid is one of my classic, long updates, but it contains a lot of information which will affect you, so please do take the time to read it.

As we've all seen, Gyms have been given the Green Light to reopen from 25th July, which is great news for us! I'm pleased to let you all know that Body Active will be reopening from Monday 27th July, in accordance with government guidelines, and as such we will be able to resume sessions here from this date onwards.

The Gym has had a complete refurb during the downtime, and really does look great - details of which I will attach below. Clearly, there are also some new rules in place, which we will all need to follow in order to both keep us all safe, and do our part to help the country keep control of the virus. Please read these rules thoroughly and let me know if you have any questions.


- A new roof has been fitted, which should help to reduce heat absorption in the summer, and reduce escape in the winter.

- What was the Studio, is now the Cardio Room. Perspex screens will temporarily be in place on the treadmills, and every other bike will be out of use to ensure sufficient space between people Training. This room has been fitted with an air conditioning unit too!

- Having moved the Cardio kit into the Studio, this has opened up a lot more floor space on the main gym floor, allowing for all weights machines to have been spread out sufficiently, atleast 1m+.

- Weights machines have been moved so that you are never facing another person directly; i.e you may be looking at someone else's back or side, but never breathing directly at each other.

- Strongman equipment has been removed, in order to steer away from the 'Bodybuilders Gym', in favour of becoming a more well rounded community gym.

- The Boxing Studio has been taken over by a Wing Chun Class on a semi permanent basis. It is their Studio, however, we will be able to access it when they are not using it; a timetable is being prepared for my reference. If we wish to use it, this will need to be booked in advance. Please note that this new arrangement may affect what some of your regular routines used to be, relative to the Studio use.

- The Men's showers have been refurbished too. They have been retiled, refloored, and partitioned. This should address the issues that we have suffered in times gone by.

- All equipment has been bolted to the floor; it can no longer be moved, so as to ensure social distancing can be maintained. This includes both Machines & Utility Benches.

- As you would expect, sanitizing stations have been placed around the gym for everyone's use, along with floor markers to help everyone keep to government guidance on distancing.


- The Gym is transferring to a Booking Only system for all customers, in order to control numbers in the gym at any one time. Largely, this won't affect most of you given your regular session times & adherence. The gym has given us permission and privilege to book recurring slots for these sessions. For those few who book more freely, on a weekly basis, please be aware that without a regular slot(s), we cannot reserve you a regular place and your booking will only be possible subject to space (competing with all other gym users too). For this reason, we would ask that everyone aim to keep to regular sessions each week, wherever possible please. Of course, even those with regular slots can adjust / cancel sessions accordingly as we always have done, but please give us as much notice as possible.

- In order to minimise contact / people in the building, we will be temporarily operating a one in, one out system for our sessions. Your Trainer will meet you at the front door at your agreed session start time, usually whilst escorting their previous session out. The gym will not allow people to hang around in reception for the time being, please honour this. If you are early for your session, please wait in your car & come to the main entrance at your start time. You may also be asked to sign in at Reception.

- There is a hand sanitizer on the wall to your right hand side as soon as you come through the front door. Please use this (or your own) on your way in and out of the building, and please don't be offended if we remind you to do so. Of course there are other sanitizing stations around the gym too, if you wish to use these mid session. You are also very welcome to bring your own (70%+).

- Wherever possible, please arrive and leave in your Gym clothing. Changing rooms will be open, and you will have access if needed, but their use is currently discouraged following current government guidance. Please also note that any changing time at the start will be time out of your session for the time being, given that you cannot arrive early to change at present.

- Equipment must be wiped down both before and after use, including handles and contact points. Your Trainer will wipe this down before your use, and we kindly ask that you take responsibility for wiping it down after your use. There will be sprays / wipes available at the gym or you are very welcome to bring your own antibacterial products if you prefer.

- Opening Hours have changed. The Gym now opens at:

06.30am-11.00 // 12.00 - 21.30 Monday to Friday.

08.00-11.00 // 12.00 - 17.00 Saturday

Closed on Sundays

- The gap from 11am until 12am is to allow the Gym staff to clean the gym thoroughly, over and above that of the usual and regular wiping of equipment during open hours. This is a temporary measure but one that will affect anyone who usually has a session during this time. The same applies to anyone who used to have a session start time of 6am. Please discuss with your Trainer if you are affected.

- Face coverings are not mandatory following government guidance. However, if you wish to wear one you are very welcome to. Please note that face coverings can restrict oxygen flow, and as such we may be forced to reduce the intensity of your workout if we deem necessary.


I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank so many of you who have adapted to different ways of Training with us over the last few months, be it Video, Garden, or Public outdoor field based workouts. We really do appreciate it & without your continued support, we would have been hit incredibly hard. So, a huge thankyou from us to you - it has not gone unnoticed.

These new training environments will stay available indefinitely and subject to review further down the line, clearly by the time the weather turns for outdoor training, this may change. We understand that many of you are keen to return to the gym, but we also understand that some of you may still be hesitant. Whilst we are very happy to continue home / outdoor sessions as best as possible (I for one have thoroughly enjoyed my new found tan from outdoor coaching!), please bear in mind that we primarily operate from the gym for both your benefit in terms of equipment, and our efficiency (we look after a lot of people!). As such, we may have different availability when it comes to travelling around compared to what we have been used to lately. We would ask that you bear with us whilst we are organising sessions for everyone. We will, as always, do our utmost to accommodate everyone's preferences though.

For those who haven't already, please do get in touch with your Trainer to arrange your restart dates and preferences regarding location, even if for a preferred date beyond the w/c 27th July.

If anyone has any questions or queries relating to the reopening of the gym, safety procedures, or otherwise, then please do let me know & I'll be very happy to discuss with you.

We are so excited to be able to get back to some sort of normality, and really do look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Tom Richards


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