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2016 Tom's Training Updates

Good Morning Everybody,

Well, unfortunately the blog has been a little neglected of late, but not to worry - that's all about to change! I plan to bring you up to speed with everything at least

Lots of changes in 2016, starting with the addition of a new Personal Trainer to the team - Dan Yaxley. Feel free to check out our 'Meet The Trainers' page to read more about Dan and what he's able to offer.

Lots of successes with various different clients, Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, General Fitness, and help with Diet programmes have all featured regularly throughout the year so far in our Personal Training.

Plenty of Fitness Trips and Events have also taken place this year, with the highlight arguably the trip to The Trolls Tongue in Norway - see our Fitness Trips and Events Page for more details on this trip and many more this year. We've just finished Nuclear Races, in Brentwood too - a Muddy good fun run across 10k. Apprehensive of it? Yes we were. Thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish? Definitely. Laughed the whole way round as a team? Absolutely!

Possibly our next stop on the events calendar will be the Christmas party now - with events season largely over for this year. Bring on the Festive Celebrations and roll on to the New Year!

Keep checking back to see what's going on, or get in touch to get started on Personal Training with us in Sawbridgeworth, near Harlow.



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