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Client Fitness Trip, Norway, 2018

Personal Training Client Fay, on top of the world on our Fitness Trip to Kjerag - Norway.

Hello! So, there are many reasons that clients come to us for help regarding their health and fitness; Fat loss, muscle gain, flexibility, injury rehabilitation to name but a few. One added extra that we like to offer our clients is the ability to put that new found fitness into practice, out with mother nature. This year saw us return to Norway, 180km south of our previous years trip, to Stavanger. From here, we based ourselves for our climbs to the top of both Kjerag, and Preikestolen. For more information on these walks, a short google search will explain all! Yes, that boulder that Fay is standing on, has a drop below it. Over 1000m to be precise; breathtaking!

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