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New Trainer Just Signed!

It's been a fantastic first 6 months at the office for us down at the gym, with progress left right and centre for so many of our personal training customers. From improvements such as better sleep, increased productivity, and improved all round health for most, right the way to hitting wedding dress size for Stacey, and getting back to 'rugby fit' for Henry. Kurt has improved his knowledge and structure to his previously self taught training methods and plans, and Sam has worked hard to restore strength & stability to her core and pelvic muscles, something which she's struggled with for over 15 years, since having her children!

We draw customers from a large radius surrounding Sawbridgeworth, including Harlow, Bishops Stortford, Takeley, Epping, The Matchings, Ongar & Nazeing, and the list is ever growing.

With all of the above going on - I apologize for not having had time to update this site, but here's the news that many have been waiting for; we now have a NEW TRAINER signed and ready to go. This opens up more available diary space to come & train with us now, something which has previously been difficult to offer between just Dan and I, given how booked up we usually are (especially at peak times!).

NEW TRAINER details and profile are to be released soon, so keep your eyes on the site for more information, but SHE is now available and ready to take bookings! That's right, we now have a female team member - so for any ladies who prefer to have a female trainer, we now have you covered & would welcome your enquiries.

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