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The Client's Christmas Party, 2017!

Wow, what a year; rounded off with what was arguably the best Christmas Party that we've ever had! As you may or may not have noticed from the rest of the website, we aim to create a strong sense of community and belonging within our customer base. We achieve this through our group training sessions, changeover periods, fitness trips and events, group fitness challenges, and of course our social events; such as the Clients Christmas Party. Having taken over half of The John Barleycorn restaurant with our record breaking turnout, we all sat down to enjoy a stunning three course meal with a tipple or two! In fact, the whole group enjoyed it so much, that we completely forgot to take a group photograph (We've had to borrow one for this quick blog post) - doh! Community feeling? Check. Welcoming new clients to meet with our old timers? Check. Great fun night to celebrate and round off the year together? Check!

Keep your eyes peeled for our events calendar soon to be revealed for next year!

Fancy getting involved? Looking for a Personal Trainer? Ready to kick off 2018 with professional, tailored fitness programmes? Get In Touch and reserve your place today!

Best Wishes

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